Established in 2001, Keem.Net has quickly grown into a leading educational development and technology solution provider to client companies in the United States, Korea and China.
Headquartered in Closter, New Jersey with offices in Seoul, South Korea, Keem.Net provides analytic data science in the field of education, medical and financial computing.


“Dr. Keem has worked with me very closely at Language Testing International for many years. He upgraded our technology repeatedly during that period keeping us in the front of technology that was appropriate for our international business, while meeting very stiff deadlines on a consistent and fully reliable basis. It was a pleasure working with him and I look forward to doing so again in the very near future.”

Robert I. Katz
Former CEO, Language Testing International, Inc.


Dr. Keem studied Columbia University, where he completed his Master of Science as well as his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering.
Dr. Keem has published many papers in peer-reviewed technology journals. He also lectures in the fields of Artificial Neural Networks (ANN), Wavelet Transformations, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, data classifications, fiber-optics applications and biomedical engineering. He also holds two patents for data and information processing.

He led the development of numerous biomedical projects including Quantitative Coronary Arteriography (QCA, St. Luke’s Hospital Center, NYC), skin wrinkle depth measurement (Johnson and Johnson), Digital Fiber Optic Trans-illumination and Analysis (DIFOTI, carries detection and quantification) and the Multispectral Skin Imaging and Analysis machine (MelaFind, early stage skin cancer detection expert system). Each project involves utilizing machine and algorithmic intelligence for multi-dimensional data processing.

As an entrepreneur, he served as the director of a biomedical company, Electro-Optical Sciences. While serving as the director of software development and applied research, the company successfully completed its IPO in October of 2006 (renamed as MelaSciences, Inc.).

He founded a New Jersey based technology consulting company, Keem.Net, Inc., in 2001 and opened a branch office in South Korea in May of 2007 to handle large-scale international projects utilizing real-time data streaming (video and audio) and automatic data analysis in the field of education. As the president of the company, he has developed close relationships with many clients companies including the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), Language Testing International (LTI), SK USA Corporation, The Princeton Review of Korea, and Samsung Credu. With a consortium of education companies, he led developing online language testing and evaluation system called OPIc (Oral Proficiency Interview-computer), which is widely used internationally today.
Recently, Dr. Keem led a financial engineering project to predict stock markets using “Big Data” for Johnson Research Lab.



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    Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Phone numbers:

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